If you consider yourself as a gamer, then you must understand the importance of your gaming place. Hours you spent playing will return to you with different diseases and pains someday unless you organize your gaming area. 

    The first thing you should start as a gamer is your chair. If you are gaming sitting in a basic or standard office chair, you already lose. Why? Ask this question to your aching back and neck. You can also ask your bones several years later. 

    So, a gaming chair is your first and the most important investment. But there are quite a number of different chairs on the market; how to choose the perfect one? Let’s make it clear in the following article.

    Choosing the chair

  Almost every gaming chair has several essential features that you can take into consideration when seeking to buy one. We can find lots of them, but there are only several real importance. These features are:

  • chair types;
  • the material of the seat and other elements;
  • size and space saving features;
  • comfort and ergonomics;
  • price.

    So, let take a closer look at each element of this list.

    Chair types

    There are at least three different kinds of gaming chairs among which you have to choose. The right type depends on the gaming device you prefer. Are you a PC or console gamer?
So, the types of gaming chairs are

PC gaming chair

It’s a traditional chair that is almost similar to the wheeled office stool. But the PC gaming chair has several essential features. At first, it’s accommodated to the hours of gaming. It has adjustable armrests, comfortable headrest and quite an ergonomic lumbar pad.

As traditional office stools, these gaming chairs have wheels, so, you can move them wherever you want. It’s not incidentally I pay attention to the wheels; other chair types don’t have the wheels.

Rocker and Pedestal gaming chairs

These are two types of gaming chairs that we can combine in one group. The only difference between them is the presence of the pedestal under the stool seat. Other features are very common. Both types are of “L” letter shape and have quite a number of excellent built-in functions, such as foam pad, stereo speakers, etc.

These chairs are perfect for console playing; thee connect to the console platform via Bluetooth or other wireless protocol and increase your gaming experience.  

Racing chairs

If you are a racer at the bottom of your heart, then try to take into consideration this type of chair. Racing gaming chairs are the whole system for those who prefer Autocar races. 
Most of these chairs have a steering wheel, pedals, and even the transmission controllers. Some models have also built-in speakers and wireless connection to the different gaming platforms


The material of the gaming chair is one of the most important things you should take into consideration because the material is a lifetime of your chair. The higher the quality is, the longer your stool will live. When you choose a gaming chair, take into consideration not only the seat material but also the material of the wheels, armrests, and legs.

Seat material
The seat can be made of fabric and PU-leather. The fabric seat is cheaper but also hard to maintain.Leather is very expensive, but if you are short of money, you must know that the best budget gaming chairs are made of fabric.

  Legs material
It can be plastic, aluminum, steel, and even carbon. The steel is the most durable and efficient material for the chair legs. 

Wheel materials
If you are looking for a PC gaming chair than it must have wheels. Wheels should be made of the durable and durable material. It can be plastic but of strong kind.

Also, remember that the higher the material quality, the higher the price will be. So, if you are short of money try to find a compromise. Pay more attention to the seat and wheels materials. 

Size and space-saving features

    Space-saving features and chair dimensions are essential when you have a small gaming area. So, make sure that your gaming chair can fold up when you don’t need it. Thus, the thing is quite clear. If you are short of space, don’t buy a chair which is too large for your area; and make sure that you can fold it up when it is not needed. 

    Comfort and ergonomics

Gaming is a process when you don’t observe the time. So, you can spend hours gaming while your body is in the stress of the uncomfortable chair. As a result, after gaming, you have the headaches, muscle aches, and other pains.

So, before you purchase the gaming chair, make sure that it is comfortable for you. The stools with good ergonomics always have a lumbar pad, headrest, and adjustable armrests. If they don’t, then they are not gaming chairs.