PC gaming has become immensely popular within gaming circles. This has been brought about by the introduction of high-performance computers that are capable of effortlessly rendering sophisticated modern games without compromising on their graphical attributes. Gaming on PCs can nevertheless become tiresome and uncomfortable when done on normal chairs or couches. Gaming over extended periods while seated on a normal chair also creates an unhealthy strain on the spinal column. The good news for PC gamers is that there are chairs specifically designed to allow comfortable gaming on PCs for long periods. Such chairs combine special back and neck support features, adaptability options and structural solidity to ensure that the correct sitting posture is maintained when gaming.

There are several types of gaming chairs available on the market. These chairs differ in their cost, build quality and the ability to support additional connectivity options. In selecting the best gaming chair, one has to take several things

into consideration. This article will outline the most important features that you should look out for when buying a gaming chair.





This is arguably the most important attribute of a good gaming chair. The best gaming chairs can be used continuously for several hours without any physical strain being felt by the user. When selecting a gaming comfortable chair, one needs to look out for the following;



A headrest will ensure additional support for your neck which will probably be in constant motion when gaming. This will prevent exhaustion around the neck muscles by providing a firm platform to rest your head on.



Sitting for extended periods on a normal chair can create a significant amount of tension on the spinal column. This is because normal chairs lack additional back-support features to help maintain a healthy sitting posture. A good gaming chair should have a firm backrest that provides a steady support for your back even when you lean forward and backward.


Upholstery and padding

The material covering the chair plays a big role in ensuring your comfort. Leather-covered seats are cozy and soft to seat on. They however retain heat and can cause sweating when used for long periods. Mesh-covered seats allow air circulation giving them a natural cooling ability. Mesh seats are therefore more ideal for extended gaming times.



A good gaming chair should allow users to make minor adjustments for armrest height and inclination. This is because people’s heights vary and it is important for the chair to support height adjustments to help people of different body dimensions maintain a comfortable posture without having to stretch or lean. Chairs with fixed armrests should mostly be avoided unless they come with a hydraulic lift for height adjustment at the base.



Gaming can sometimes involve sudden sharp body movements that put a great amount of stress on the chair being sat on. This is especially the case when racing and action games are being played. A poorly built chair will easily yield to this pressure and breakdown. When choosing a durable gaming chair, you should go for chairs that have tightly fitted components and ensure that there are no squeaking moving parts which may be a sign of loose elements within the construction. Chairs constructed using plastic parts should also be avoided as they have a tendency of breaking down within a very short time.



It is likely that you will need to move your gaming chair constantly around the room it will be placed in. Chairs containing hardwood and metallic parts are often quite heavy and should only be bought if you intend to place them at a stationary point, unless they have wheels attached at the base. It is also preferable to have a gaming chair that is moderately sized so as not to take up too much space. To help you select the most conveniently-sized gaming chair, you could take measurements of where you intend to place it, and then use these measurements in finding the right size.



Modern gaming chairs are equipped with several additional features to improve on the overall gaming experience. For example, some seats are able to provide synced vibrations in response to the game being played. Others have sets of stereo speakers fitted inside to relay high-definition sound effects and create a more immersive gaming experience.


Seats can also be equipped with secondary audio ports, wireless connectivity features and cup-holders. When selecting a gaming chair, you should look out for the ones having a combination of features that you find most useful. These features will make your gaming more enjoyable.



A gaming chair that looks plain and ordinary won’t really motivate you to get on with your gaming. Gaming chairs nowadays come with interesting visual presentations that combine vivid colors, innovative branding and state of the art construction. All these help to bring about an engrossing gaming experience. The DXRacer range of gaming chairs for example are creatively designed to resemble racing car seats. They can make car racing PC games feel as realistic as though you are driving an actual racing car.



The prices for gaming chairs vary widely. Some are prohibitively expensive while others are suspiciously cheap. However, just because a gaming chair is expensive does not necessarily mean that it is of good quality or that it has advanced features. Several gaming chairs are highly-priced just because they are made by famous brand names. Others may be lavishly constructed to make them look sophisticated and fool you into paying a high price only to find out that they lack anything of value past their external construction.


Before you purchase a gaming chair, you first need to carefully go through all its technical features and note them down. You should then proceed to do a price comparison with other similar chairs in the market to find out if its pricing is fair or inflated before making the purchase.



Buying a good gaming chair requires a great deal of product comparison and scrutiny to avoid disappointment. You should also take into consideration the kind of games you frequently play and the extra features you may prefer to be able to buy the most suitable gaming chair. It is however worth the effort as it will make your gaming experience more enjoyable and more comfortable.